ENEMO International Observation Mission to Ukraine

03 December 2018 ENEMO International Observation Mission to Ukraine

ENEMO will be deploying an International Observation Mission to Ukraine to observe the Presidential elections 2019

The presence of ENEMO during the 2019 Presidential elections in Ukraine will provide the international community with elaborated information about the lingering problems in the country and will ensure that observation missions are performed under the principles of impartiality and objectiveness.

It is very important to take into account the experience that ENEMO has already gained through observation of all elections in Ukraine since 2004 and the impact it had on strengthening the mechanisms regarding election transparency, reinforcement of the relevant democratic institutions and restoration of the public trust towards election processes. The reports and statements of the ENEMO mission can possibly play a conciliatory effect on Ukrainian politics and the overall situation in the country.

The objectives of this mission are to monitor the quality of the electoral process and its compliance with national legislation and international standards; to support constructive dialogue and cooperation between ENEMO and the election administration, political and civil society of Ukraine and to raise awareness of the domestic and international community regarding the main challenges and problems observed in Elections, thus advocating for adequate policy changes through the adoption of concrete recommendations.

The mission consists of up to 9 CT members, 48 LTOs and 610 STOs. Head of Mission – Zlatko Vujovic from Montenegro, Deputy Head of Mission - Teodora Pop Trajkov from Macedonia, Election and Campaign Expert – Pierre Peytier, Legal Expert – Nino Rizhamadze from Georgia, Media Expert – Ana Nenezic from Montenegro, Press and Logistic Officer – Maja Milikic from Montenegro, Finance Officer – Teodora Gilic from Montenegro, LTO Coordinator – Kristina Kostelac from Croatia, LTO Coordinator/Security Officer – David Kankiya from Russia.

This mission will last for 5 months. The Presidential elections in Ukraine are expected to be held on 31st March 2019.



  • Montenegro Parliamentary Elections 2020



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