Russia - Golos

The Association of Non-Profit Organizations “In Defence of Voters’ Rights ‘GOLOS’“ is a Russian non-profit organization which was founded in 2000 for the protection of Russian voters’ rights and the development of civic society.

In 2013, the Association refused to apply for inclusion in the Foreign Agents Roster. On these grounds, the activities of the Association were suspended by the Russian Ministry of Justice. A violation of this decision could be punished with heavy fines and imprisonment. The decision was appealed in the European Court of Human Rights.

Before the suspension, GOLOS worked in 48 regions in Russia, and advocated fair, direct, and transparent elections by conducting long-term and short-term election monitoring during elections, by informing citizens about electoral legislation, managing hotlines for reports of electoral corruption, and by publicly discussing important social issues.



  • Montenegro Parliamentary Elections 2020



Address: Bul. Josipa Broza 23 A, Floor IV, Apartment 119
81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro