Romania - Asociatia Pro Democratia (APD)

Asociatia Pro Democratia (APD) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, founded in 1990. APD currently has 31 clubs operating more than 1,000 citizens.

Asociatia Pro Democratia 's mission is to strengthen democracy at national and international level by encouraging civic participation. The fields of interest of APD are: improving the relationship between voters and elected representatives, fairness of the electoral process, civic education, citizen participation in public policy-making process, transparency of and civil society control over public institutions, defending human rights.

A society in which the citizen’s participation ensure the accountability of elected officials and effective governance.

Through its volunteers, Asociatia Pro Democratia, has changed the electoral law regarding domestic observer status, and monitored local, parliamentary and presidential elections from 1992 to present (in the country and, in 2004, and the region).



  • Montenegro Parliamentary Elections 2020



Address: Bul. Josipa Broza 23 A, Floor IV, Apartment 119
81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro