Call for the Core Team Members of ENEMO EOM to Moldova

15 September 2016 Call for the Core Team Members of ENEMO EOM to Moldova

Job Title: Core Team Member

Number of Positions: 6

Publishing date of application: September 15, 2016

Closing Date of application:  September 22, 2016

ENEMO is pleased to announce a call for Core Team members of the ENEMO international election observation mission to observe the Presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, scheduled on October 30, 2016.

A deployment of a small-scale mission, comprising of only the Core Team members, is anticipated through the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moldova. In case ENEMO manages to secure support from other donors as well, the mission can expend its scope. 



Situated in Eastern Europe, The Republic of Moldova celebrates 25 years of independence in 2016.  Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Moldova has become a parliamentary democratic republic, wherein the Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament majority and, after the recent Constitutional Court ruling, President is to be elected by public vote for the first time since 1996.

Following the scandal of missing 1 billion USD from the Moldovan banking system, the country entered into a phase of political instability: the Government was dismissed, in October 2015, and a new Prime Minister was elected by the Parliament of Moldova in January 2016.

As the representatives of the both - pro-Russian and pro-European public groups disapproved the appointment of Pavel Filip as the new Prime Minister and chanted for the early parliamentary elections, the Constitutional Court ruled on March 4, 2016 that the law adopted in 2000, introducing the appointment of president through the 3/5 parliamentary vote, was unconstitutional, thus reverting the election method of the President to a two-round system, by direct election. Respectively, the Parliament announced October 30, 2016 as an election day.

Considering the fact that direct presidential elections were last held in Moldova in 1996 and the laws/regulations regarding the conduct of presidential elections have been recently amended and that the new composition of the electoral administration is composed of 6 new members out of nine, increases the need of international observers’ presence in the country.

To read more on current election processed in the Republic of Moldova, please have a look through the Needs Assessment Report by OSCE/ODHIR.

About the Mission:

Envisioned position in the Core Team members are: Head of the Mission (HoM), a Deputy Head of Mission (DHoM), two Election Expert/CEC Observers, a Legal Expert, and a Logistics/Security Officer. Please note that the HoM and DHoM will combine responsibilities of either Political Analyst or a PR Officer.

The CT will be responsible for collecting and analyzing the pre-election and post-election information; monitoring the work of the CEC, in particular monitoring public sessions, monitoring and analyzing complaint deliberation process at CEC, observing how the final results are summarized by CEC, etc.  Additionally, the CT will carry out analysis of Electoral legislation, with particular emphasis on gender equality aspects and persons with disabilities interests in electoral processes and legislation.  The work of CT will also include communication with the various stakeholders and political actors; and acting as the liaison with other international observers or domestic monitors.

On Election Day, the CT will focus on the work of the election administration.  Some CT members will make visits to the polling stations in Chisinau (and possibly in other cities as well), while the CEC observers will be present at the CEC and also visit the DECs to obtain information how the election administration works on the day of the voting, as well as after the voting is completed, during tabulation of the results.

The two Election Analysts will be heavily engaged in observing post-election processes of tabulation, establishing summary protocols, monitoring the complaints and appeals process at the CEC and courts to gain clear understanding of how the post-election complaint deliberation process is handled and if there are any irregularities.


Requirements for Applicants:

For the main duties and qualification of the Core Team members please see the ToRs of the following positions:

Head of the Mission

Deputy Head of Mission

TWO Election Experts

Legal Expert

Logistics/Security Officer

Please note that we are looking for the candidates on the position of the HoM and DHoM, who can combine duties of either a Political Analyst or PR Officer. Respectively, a Head of the Mission will be either a political analyst or a PR officer and the Deputy Head of the Mission will be either a political analyst or a PR officer. Please indicate a preference in the motivation letter and state why do you indicate so.

Furthermore, Please note that the ToR presented here is envisioned for the full scale mission and in case the mission is of a small scale, the duties of respective positions won’t engage a work related to the LTOs and STOs. On the other hand, if the mission secures more funds for the mission and the LTOs are included in the mission a call for the LTO coordinator will be published.



The mission is envisioned to cover both rounds of the elections. The Core Team will be deployed to Moldova in the first week of October till early December. 


For questions please contact the Secretariat at

How to Apply

The applicants are expected to submit CV; Statement of motivation (300-500 words); and indicate two referees in a CV (please indicate an occupation and contact information of the referees).  

Please send the applications to  Indicate in subject: “[name of the organization] [name of an applicant]”.  In case you apply for several positions please apply separately.

External experts are allowed to apply as well for all CT positions, except HoM and DHoM. Requirements for the external experts besides the skills and qualifications deriving from the ToR are:

- Reference from at least 1 ENEMO member;

- Confirmation/advice from the ENEMO member from the country of his/her origin/residence (if applicable).

The selection process will be conducted by the Secretariat of ENEMO based on the qualification of the applicants and the equal representation of member organizations will be ensured. In case two candidates have similar qualification a priority will be given to the ENEMO member’s nominees.

Bear in mind that:

  • the same candidate cannot be hired on the same position on more than 2 consecutive EOMs, unless there are no candidates for the respective position, or the candidates who have applied do not meet the ToRs,
  • no Moldovan nationals are eligible for these positions.




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