Kosovo - KDI

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) has a vision to help create a consolidated democracy with the values of an open society and active citizenship. The mission to fulfil this vision is to support the development of democracy through the engagement of citizens in policymaking process and strengthening of the civil society sector to boost its influence in widening transparency and accountability of public institutions. KDI’s has a long lasting experience on anti-corruption, good governance, gender balance in the political process, and organizing of free and fair elections. As a local organization, KDI is a member of international network organizations including Transparency International (TI), International Observation Mission in Eastern Europe known as ENEMO, and a long-term local partner of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) of the United States. With the support of international organizations, KDI has grown and specialized in a variety of sectors. KDI has extensive experience on policy research and analysis, in monitoring the implementation of laws, and advocacy in decision-making in sectors ranging from anti-corruption and local governance to policymaking and elections. 



  • Montenegro Parliamentary Elections 2020



Address: Bul. Josipa Broza 23 A, Floor IV, Apartment 119
81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro