Ukraine - Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU)

All-Ukrainian civic organization “Committee of Voters of Ukraine” was founded in February 20, 1994 as an independent non-partisan organization with national status. The key idea of ​​the CVU establishment initiators was to promote democratic changes in the country, including through independent non-governmental monitoring of election and referendum processes, both at the national and local levels, as well as public lobbying of the relevant legislative changes.

During the period of its existence CVU has carried out monitoring of the election campaigns in Ukraine and other countries, political parties conditions and activities in Ukraine; participated in the electoral law reforming, conducted training (during the period of 3000 was held over for DEC and PEC) of members of the election commissions and observers for the preparation and elections conduct.

CVU also carried out the public control over the activities of governmental authorities at various levels (activities monitoring of elected officials, government and public communications, transparency of government authorities, etc.), provided monitoring and expertise of execution and compliance with obligations assumed by the public government authorities regarding access to public information, governmental and public consultations, international commitments etc.



  • Montenegro Parliamentary Elections 2020



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