Bosnia and Herzegovina - Centres for Civic Initiatives (CCI)

Centres for Civic Initiatives (CCI) is the largest civil society organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since its founding in 1998, CCI has been contributing toward raising awareness of individuals and groups of citizens in order for them to cooperate with their elected representatives more effectively. CCI has also been working to strengthen the accountability of government toward citizens and has been running campaigns to make changes and/or amendments to laws and policies in order to meet the needs of citizens more effectively and to comply with democratic principles and standards of the European Union. CCI supports the work of other civil society organizations through awarding grants, transfer of knowledge and joint work in coalitions.

CCI has offices in six cities across the country. At the European level, CCI is one of the founders of the two networks of non-governmental organizations: CEECN - Central and Eastern European Citizens Network and ENEMO - European Network of Election Monitoring.

CCI has its own TV production that develops documentaries and covers topics that are of interest to many citizens in BiH.



  • Montenegro Parliamentary Elections 2020



Address: Bul. Josipa Broza 23 A, Floor IV, Apartment 119
81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro