Belarus- Belarusian Helsinki Committee

The National Human Rights Public Association “Belarusian Helsinki Committee”* is an autonomous, independent, non-profit, human rights public association established for the implementation of humanitarian activities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. It operates on the basis of self-governance and unites citizens of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of their common interests. It is independent from government and business bodies, political and non-governmental organizations. Relationships with them are based on partnership, dialogue and cooperation.
BHC is the partner of the Council of Europe, active participant in the international Helsinki movement.
Nowadays its representatives work in 10 towns of Belarus.

BHC exposes human rights violations, provides legal assistance to the individuals (annually BHC receives about 2000 complaints), regularly holds human rights seminars and educating training courses for youth activists and lawyers, publishes human rights literature, organizes various events, aiming to draw public attention to the issues of human rights violations in the Republic of Belarus.

BHC analyses the legislation and puts forward proposals on how to improve it: proposals to the Criminal Code, the labour legislation, the media legislation and the electoral law have been worked out, as well as to The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. BHC members participated in missions of the International Helsinki Federation, observed the human rights situation in Transdniestria (Moldova), North Caucasus (Russian Federation), in the Ukraine, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan.



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