Letter of Support- EMDS- 26.11.2013

Letter of Support- EMDS- 26.11.2013

support to the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Centre (EMDSC) from
Azerbaijan, as an organization and its members and fully seconds the activities that
are part of the organizations’ mission to work on the development of the democratic

Namely, almost one month ago an investigation was launched by the Prosecutor General’s
Office against one of the ENEMO member and founder organization with aim to prevent the
organization and its members to exercise their activities and secure contribution towards free
and fair election processes within the country.

During the period of investigation the rights to freedom of expression, association, and
assembly of the EMDS members were limited.

Recently, one of the fundamental democratic rights to movement was limited too. The
chairperson of EMDSC was forbidden to attend to in advance notified and scheduled events
outside of Azerbaijan.

Unfortunately once again ENEMO network and its members are morally obliged to condemn
such actions and to support its member organization EMDSC in a very short period.

European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations - ENEMO, which unites 22 organizations
from the countries of Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, is more than concerned and
worried about the recent events in Azerbaijan referring to its member, since there is an ongoing
pressure on the watch dog activities. ENEMO recognizes such actions violent, oppressive
and impermissible for the civil society of Azerbaijan.

This disgraceful fact once again proves that the officials in Azerbaijan do not follow the
international agreements, as well as the provisions of its Constitution.

Organizations-members of ENEMO are united on the principles of respect for the international
standards in the field of freedom of associations, and at the same time they also contribute to
the development of democracy and human rights principles in their countries.

ENEMO, in its turn, calls on the international organizations and the countries that host ENEMO
members to address the Azerbaijani government with a concern over the state of human rights
in Azerbaijan and demand to immediately stop the intense pressure on the public activists.

Having on mind the experience and professionalism within the EMDSC personnel and members,
it is with no doubt to believe that EMDSC will do its best to meet the mission goals regardless
the pressure and intimidations.



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