Call for the Participants of LTO Training

04 August 2016 Call for the Participants of LTO Training

Call for the LTO Training

Training for LTOs

ENEMO is pleased to announce a call for participants of the LTO training to take place in Tbilisi in September, 2016. The training invites qualified observers from ENEMO member organizations to receive a training on standardized ENEMO Long Term Observation methodology. The first of its kind, the LTO training will be a series of trainings that aims at creating a large pool of certified LTOs for future ENEMO missions.


Over the last couple years, ENEMO has been undergoing a comprehensive internal capacity building and institutional strengthening aimed at establishing ENEMO as a strong and self-sustainable organization with better structure for governance and execution.  Along with these efforts, ENEMO intends to improve the quality of its election related activities.

The Long-Term Observer (LTO) training is designed to better ensure understanding of ENEMO methodology, improve quality of reporting and therefore the quality of the long-term observation.  While individually qualified as observers, coming from different countries, ENEMO LTOs have different observation and reporting experiences, methods, skills and reporting habits.  ENEMO envisions advancing skills of potential ENEMO observers through standardized LTO trainings and contributing to improved observation and higher quality reporting during ENEMO missions.  The standardized LTO trainings will enable ENEMO to have a wider pool of trained and qualified candidates available for its missions.

About the training:

LTO Training is expected to gather twenty participants from the different ENEMO member organizations, including the Associate members, for a training of potential ENEMO LTOs.

The training will take place in Georgia in the middle of September and last for three days. The training will be conducted by two experienced ENEMO trainers, who have undergone a Training of Trainers (ToT) in July, 2016.

The first LTO training serves as an opportunity for testing and evaluating the training methodology and for introducing some improvements, if needed.

Upon completion of the LTO training the participants will receive certificates and they will become first certified participants to graduate from ENEMO LTO trainings. 


Requirements for Applicants:

Ideal applicants will have a track record of election observation with local or international missions, good understanding of the region, and knowledge of English language.

  • Experience of domestic election observation (at least as an STO);
  • International observation experience (at least as an STO);
  • Good knowledge of English language;
  • Good interpersonal and organizational skills;
  • Good report writing skills;
  • Good computer skills;
  • Willingness to participate in ENEMO missions as an LTO;
  • Representing an ENEMO member organization.


Participation costs:

There is no participation fee for a training.  The project covers traveling and accommodation costs, per diem will be distributed as well.  The international travel will be provided on the cheapest economy class tickets available for the route to be taken.


Project is administered by the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) as General Secretariat of ENEMO.

How to Apply

Each member organization of ENEMO is expected to nominate maximum two participants for the training till August 18, 2016 via email to  Indicate in subject: “[name of organization] nominee”.

The application package should contain:

  • CV of an applicant;
  • 2 referees and their occupation and contact information indicated in a CV;
  • Statement of motivation (300-500 words);


The selection will be conducted by the Secretariat of ENEMO. The Secretariat will try its best to ensure equal representation of member organizations among training participants.

Contact information:

For questions regarding the training and the application process please feel free to contact us at


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