Re-opening a call for the Legal Expert

04 October 2016 Re-opening a call for the Legal Expert














ENEMO is re-opening a call for a Legal Expert of the ENEMO EOM to Moldovan Presidential Elections 2016. 

The Secretariat of ENEMO is impelled to re-open a call on a position of the Legal Expert, as a selected candidate had to decline our offer based on personal reasons. Due to the unexpected circumstances, the Secretariat has to deviate from the regular process of candidate’s selection and have only a three-day call. Therefore, the deadline for applying is Friday, October, 7, 2016. 

Considering the fact that the elections in Moldova are scheduled on October 30, a Core Team is expected to be deployed to the host country in the beginning of the next week and legal expert will be expected to join as soon as possible. Please note that if qualified for the position, an interview will be arranged on Saturday. 


The ToR of ENEMO EOM Legal Analyst

Responsible to: Head of Mission

Job description: Responsible for assessment of the election legislation and its application

Main duties:

reviews the election legislation and regulations, and other legislation pertaining to elections,

assesses the extent to which the legislation and its implementation comply with international standards, and whether national laws are applied fairly and impartially,

follows all election-related disputes, complaints, court cases and appeals.



Experience with at least 4 domestic election observation missions,

Good knowledge of election legislation of the countries in Europe and the members of ENEMO, as well as full understanding of the international observation standards,

Experience with working at international election observation mission (ENEMO, OSCE or other),

Good interpersonal and communication skills,

Good computer skills,

Fluent knowledge of English language,

Ability to work having irregular working hours and to work under pressure, as well as to work as member of the team and independently if needed.


Preferred but not obligatory:

Knowledge of the language of the host country,

Experience of work in the host country.


About the Mission

The Core Team of the ENEMO EOM to Moldova will be comprised of: Head of the Mission (HoM), a Deputy Head of Mission (DHoM), two Election Expert/CEC Observers, a Legal Expert, and a Logistics/Security Officer. Please note that the HoM and DHoM will combine responsibilities of either Political Analyst or a PR Officer.

The CT will be responsible for collecting and analyzing the pre-election and post-election information; monitoring the work of the CEC, in particular monitoring public sessions, monitoring and analyzing complaint deliberation process at CEC, observing how the final results are summarized by CEC, etc.  Additionally, the CT will carry out analysis of Electoral legislation, with particular emphasis on gender equality aspects and persons with disabilities interests in electoral processes and legislation.  The work of CT will also include communication with the various stakeholders and political actors; and acting as the liaison with other international observers or domestic monitors.

On Election Day, the CT will focus on the work of the election administration.  Some CT members will make visits to the polling stations in Chisinau (and possibly in other cities as well), while the CEC observers will be present at the CEC and also visit the DECs to obtain information how the election administration works on the day of the voting, as well as after the voting is completed, during tabulation of the results.

The two Election Analysts will be heavily engaged in observing post-election processes of tabulation, establishing summary protocols, monitoring the complaints and appeals process at the CEC and courts to gain clear understanding of how the post-election complaint deliberation process is handled and if there are any irregularities.

How to Apply

The applicants are expected to submit CV; Statement of motivation (300-500 words); and indicate two referees in a CV (please indicate an occupation and contact information of the referees) to If any questions please email to the same address. 

External experts, people not working for the ENEMO member organizations, are allowed to apply as well. Requirements for the external experts besides the skills and qualifications deriving from the ToR are:

- Reference from at least 1 ENEMO member;

- Confirmation/advice from the ENEMO member from the country of his/her origin/residence (if applicable).

Bear in mind that:

  • no Moldovan nationals are eligible for these positions.


Moldova - Parliamentary Elections

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