Ongoing Projects

  • ENEMO Training for Long-Term Observers

    The project "ENEMO LTO Trainings" is envisions to contribute to improved observation and higher quality reporting on ENEMO international election observation missions.

    The project is supported by National Endowment for Democracy and is a continuation of a similar project that has started since April 2016. 

    Upon completion of the project, ENEMO is going to have a standardized LTO training methodology, training manual and other materials that will be later used for regular regional LTO trainings, as well as for LTO trainings prior to the observation missions.  The LTO trainings will enable ENEMO to improve the skills of potential observers and have a wider pool of trained and qualified candidates available for its missions.   


Armenia - Parliamentary Elections

02 April 2017

Following the Constitutional Referendum of December 2015, the election is going to be the first of its kind that is going to form the National Assembly as the most influential political power in the frame of the parliamentary system after the presidential term of current president expires in 2018.

Serbia- Presidential Elections

02 April 2017

The President of Serbia is elected for a five-year term using the two-round system.The President of Serbia is elected for a five-year term using the two-round system.



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