Charter And Strategy


According to the Charter of the organization, European Network of Elections Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO) is regional organization composed of leading non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organizations that works independently or with its member organizations in societies with democracies in transition and other non-democratic forms of governing towards improvement of electoral processes, greater transparency of the governments and their accountability to the citizens and respect of basic human rights and freedoms.

ENEMO strives for promotion of civic organizations’ involvement in election monitoring:

In order to achieve its mission ENEMO is:

  1. Promoting the standards of the network regarding election monitoring
  2. Supporting international and exchange projects among ENEMO members
  3. Developing information resources of electoral legislation and systems
  4. Providing international support to Members
  5. Supporting communication and information exchange between Members
  6. Providing support to new election monitoring initiatives
  7. Building relations with other international bodies active in election related matters
  8. Promoting election monitoring as effective way to engage, educate and empower citizens.

Charter of ENEMO.



GOAL 1: Strengthen ENEMO’s internal functioning and support network’s growth


GOAL 2:  Improve electoral processes in ENEMO region and stipulate exchange of experiences and best practices in elections monitoring field within ENEMO member organizations

GOAL 3: Boost transparency and accountability along with respect of basic human rights and freedoms in ENEMO region and stipulate exchange of experiences and best practices within ENEMO member organizations in the field of promotion of human rights and basic freedoms and securing transparency and accountability of the governments




Armenia - Parliamentary Elections

02 April 2017

Following the Constitutional Referendum of December 2015, the election is going to be the first of its kind that is going to form the National Assembly as the most influential political power in the frame of the parliamentary system after the presidential term of current president expires in 2018.

Serbia- Presidential Elections

02 April 2017

The President of Serbia is elected for a five-year term using the two-round system.The President of Serbia is elected for a five-year term using the two-round system.



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