• Q 3: What are the rights and responsibilities of a member organization?

    - vote on the sessions of the General Assembly;

    - nominate and elect members for the Secretariat and for the position of Secretary General;

    - nominate candidates for all the positions within an election observation mission (EOM): members of the Core Team, LTOs and STOs;

    - nominate candidates for positions within non-election monitoring related projects.



  • Q 2: How to become a part of the ENEMO mission?

    The members of the ENEMO’s observation mission are people nominated by the member organizations of ENEMO. If a person is from outside the Network s/he still needs a reference from at least 1 ENEMO member; and a Confirmation/advice from the ENEMO member from the country of his/her origin/residence (if applicable).


  • Q 1: How to become a member of ENEMO?

    An organization can apply for Network membership if it fulfills the main criteria of membership and submits an application to the Secretariat prior the General Assembly (February of each year), where the voting on accession of the new organization is made.

    The main criteria for membership are:

    • The organization is non-governmental;
    • The organization is non-profit;
    • The organization is non-partisan;
    • The organization is registered or de-facto operating in its own country, is active, functional and transparent and accountable to ENEMO regarding the criteria mentioned in this article.


    For more information go to membership.


Armenia - Parliamentary Elections

02 April 2017

Following the Constitutional Referendum of December 2015, the election is going to be the first of its kind that is going to form the National Assembly as the most influential political power in the frame of the parliamentary system after the presidential term of current president expires in 2018.

Serbia- Presidential Elections

02 April 2017

The President of Serbia is elected for a five-year term using the two-round system.The President of Serbia is elected for a five-year term using the two-round system.



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